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technical production at the highest level

Taylor Powell is an accomplished and forward thinking technical producer, ensuring the highest quality of operation from live events and concernts all the way to the Olympic Games - the biggest production and sporting event in the world. Utilizing his background in technology and camera operation, he is currently seeking projects that require technical expertise, digital knowhow, and demanding creativity around the the world

  • Paralympic Games of Rio 2016 (XXXI Olympiad) - Deputy Venue Technical Manager (OBS)

    Wheelchair Basketball (Rio Olympic Arena)
  • Olympic Games of Rio 2016 (XXXI Olympiad) - Commentary Facilities Manager (OBS)

    10 Venues, including Beach Volleyball, Rowing, Triathalon, Handball.
  • Microsoft Surface Release - Audio Comm Facilitator - Pier 57, NYC
  • Live Concerts - Audio Comm Facilitator - Radio City Music Hall Various
  • more production credits

creativity in moving images - cinematography/ photography

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Taylor Powell is also renowned, award winning director of photography, camera operator and photographer, specializing in jaw-dropping pieces in the most demanding natural environments. In addition to a vast technical skill set, he has the creative eye, calm demeanor and joyful spirit required to produce amazing, original content for a variety of projects, from feature films to branded content. Through a unique mix of technology, creativity and world-class crews and connections, he will shape your idea into a work of art. He currently is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and New York City, NY, but is ready for your collaboration – anywhere in the world.
He will be making his feature film debut later this year with the Moontunia project, to be shot in Hawaii and Los Angeles by Larkin Pictures

Taylor Powell é um renomado diretor de fotografia, operador de câmera e fotógrafo, ganhador de vários prêmios. Sua especialidade é produzir peças impressionantes nos mais exigentes ambientes naturais. Além de vasta capacidade técnica, ele possui o olhar criativo, o calmo jeito de ser e o espírito alegre necessário para produzir conteúdo original surpreendente para uma variedade de projetos, de longa metragens a comerciais. Através de uma mistura única de tecnologia, criatividade e excelente equipe e contatos, ele irá moldar a sua ideia em uma obra de arte. Atualmente baseado no Rio de Janeiro e Nova York, ele ele está pronto para colaborar com você—em qualquer lugar do mundo.

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  • DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Moontunia - Feature Film - Larkin Pictures *Coming Q1 2018*
  • DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY - Woodies.com - Commerical/Ad - Lifestyle/teepeepro.co
  • DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY - SquareSpace.com - Commercial/Ad
  • CREATOR/DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY - A Peace of the World Project - Personal
  • FIRST ASSISTANT CAMERA (ALEXA MINI) – Discovery Kids Channel - Commercial/Ad — Cosmo Brasil
  • CAMERA OPERATOR (A7S ON RONIN) – Noites Em Claro — Internet
  • CAMERA OPERATOR (5DMKIII/BLACKMAGIC) – Rio+Bossa 1 Reality/Doc (TV) — Carioca Filmes
  • CAMERA OPERATOR (RED DRAGON) – Set It Off Diplo — Music Video — MAD, Sweet, VICE
  • CAMERA OPERATOR (RED DRAGON) – The North Face Commercial/Ad
  • FIRST ASSISTANT CAMERA (RED EPIC) – Dona Do Paraiso Film (Theatrical) — Carioca Filmes
  • CAMERA OPERATOR (5D MKIII) – A Peace Of The World Series — Internet — Teepeepro.co
  • CAMERA OPERATOR (5D MKIII) – RioGaleao Commercial/Ad — Capim Filmes
  • CAMERA OPERATOR (C100) – US President's Committee On The Arts And Humanities Commercial/Ad
  • ASSISTANT CAMERA (C300) – ExxonMobil (Van's General Store) - Commercial/Ad
  • ASSISTANT CAMERA (C300, RED EPIC, 5D MKII, GOPRO) – IFC Commercial/Ad — Transition Productions
  • CINEMATOGRAPHER – A Bone Of A Whale Film (Short) — Larkin Pictures
  • FIRST ASSISTANT CAMERA (LEAD) – Sit Down Comedy With David Steinberg COMEDY — Scripted (TV) — Madhouse NYC
  • FIRST ASSISTANT CAMERA (C300) – Run Coming Back Film (Theatrical)
  • ASSISTANT CAMERA (ARRI ALEXA, RED EPIC) – Station To Station Internet — Live / Special Event (TV) — Arts and Sciences
  • SECOND ASSISTANT CAMERA (DIT - RED EPIC) – Ciroc Commercial/Ad — Boy Wonder Productions
  • PRODUCER – World Of Coca-Cola (Stag And Hare) Photo Commercial/Ad
  • DIGITAL IMAGING TECHNICIAN (DIT) (F55) – Nightcrawers II Film (Theatrical) — Conboy
  • SECOND ASSISTANT CAMERA – Vision Research - Phantom Commercial/Ad - CineFlex 4k
  • DIGITAL IMAGING TECHNICIAN (DIT) (C300) – Puma Golf Commercial/Ad
  • SECOND ASSISTANT CAMERA (ARRI ALEXA) – Prince Pasta (Ebro NA) Commercial/Ad — Collective @ Lair
  • DIGITAL IMAGING TECHNICIAN (DIT) (F55) – Protect Us Film (Theatrical)
  • COORDINATING PRODUCER – Avalon Home Design (Stag And Hare) Photo Commercial/Ad
  • CAMERA OPERATOR (CANON 5D MKIII) – Improv Everywhere 10 — Internet — Deverge
  • ASSISTANT CAMERA (ARRI ALEXA) – Pepsi (Mekanism) Commercial/Ad — Mekanism
  • CAMERA OPERATOR (5D MKII) – Heineken UEFA 2013 Championships Event Internet — Live / Special Event (TV) — Remezcla Productions
  • FIRST ASSISTANT CAMERA – The Firm Ball (The Firm) Commercial/Ad — Madhouse NYC

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virtual reality and more

With recent wave of great VR technology coming to the market, I have combined my techical production and artistic cinematographer talents to create new content and platforms for high end and mobile VR systems.

To take this endevour to a professional level, I created a company, teepee technologies with a few partners in late 2016. We are actively developing and producing a app-based VR platform for architecture and sports broadcasting streaming content.

teepee technologies VR

VR Case studies and sample content are available on the portfolio page

portfolio - VR

Most of our code is proprietary, but keep tuned to my github account for projects that are open source.


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